Criminal Defence

If you have been accused of a crime, or are being investigated by a regulatory body, the resulting impact upon every aspect your life is likely to be substantial. The importance of receiving the highest level of legal support and guidance from the very beginning cannot be overemphasised, as it could mean the difference between an unfavourable outcome, and one that protects you and those who are important to you.

At Freemans, we offer superior legal support courtesy of a team of outstanding litigators and criminal defence advocates working harmoniously together to represent clients in the most serious cases, and whose exceptional work has received national and international acclaim. The team maintains an enviable record in dealing with murders, including cases that raise highly complex issues, together with sexual offences; serious violence; high-value fraud; extradition and other general crime.

Our Criminal Defence Legal Services

Our renowned legal specialists offer a fully comprehensive criminal defence service and are recognised industry-wide for their expert capabilities:

Police Station Representation And Advice

Our crime team provides specialist police station representation and expert advice backed by a proactive approach. With the benefit of excellent legal guidance from our highly respected criminal defence lawyers, you will be in the best position possible. Remember, what happens in the police station can often have repercussions on your defence if the case develops, which makes getting the right representation vital. We also provide expert advice in relation to investigations conducted by other investigatory agencies.

Business And Financial Crime

We can provide guidance from a criminal lawyer with outstanding specialised knowledge in business crime and serious, high-value fraud. As a client of Freemans Solicitors you will be thoroughly assured of the most sophisticated levels of defence against accusations of the likes of bribery and corruption; conspiracy to defraud; money laundering; bank, currency and commodity fraud; false accounting and breaches of financial sanctions.

In 2017, Freemans Solicitors criminal defence lawyers were recognised as ‘Business Crime firm of the year’ by Lawyer Monthly magazine.

Sexual Offences

Being investigated for a sexual offence is one of the most distressing experiences a person is ever likely to go through, and this is something we fully understand at Freemans Solicitors. You will need a very specialist level of advice backed by outstanding advocacy if you are going to avoid potentially devastating consequences. This is precisely what the acclaimed criminal defence lawyers on our team have been commended for providing.

Proceeds Of Crime

Freemans Solicitors criminal defence lawyers are renowned for their expert competency in advising and representing individuals and corporate enterprises that are facing legal action under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. We fully comprehend how the prospect of having substantial assets removed can lead to significant consequences. Our support is focused on challenging the actions of prosecutors and putting them through meticulous analysis: something for which our team has received exceptional acclaim.

Murder And Other Serious Crimes

The ability of our criminal solicitors in the area of murder and serious crime such as GBH, aggravated burglary, armed robbery and terrorism offences is apparent through the numerous high-profile cases with which we have dealt. We have been commended for our dedication to achieving outstanding results. Being supported by the most reliable defence specialists with in-depth knowledge of the technicalities of criminal law means you have the best possible chance of avoiding conviction.

Extradition Law

Extradition law is incredibly complex, and the importance of obtaining specialist advice at a very early stage cannot be overemphasised. Following an unexpected arrest, you need expert advice. Our criminal lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the technicalities of extradition law, together with notable experience in challenging extradition requests and taking cases to appeal.

Motoring Offences

At Freemans Solicitors, we fully understand the crucial importance of keeping your licence and avoiding prosecution following an alleged motoring offence such as careless and dangerous driving. Our criminal defence solicitors have exceptional diagnostic expertise; this means they have the skill to advance technicalities and mitigating circumstances and go on to achieve the best possible outcome. Also, their extensive experience means they are aware of precisely what is needed to abate unfavourable consequences.

HMO And Other Housing Act Prosecutions

We offer expertise in defending landlords who are facing allegations relating to breaches of Housing Act legislation. These include the rising tide of local authority investigations and prosecutions for running an unlicensed HMO. We are also able to assist if you face an allegation of breaching HMO management and fire safety regulations; statutory overcrowding or illegal eviction. The law in these areas is far-reaching and defending charges arising from breaches requires a sophisticated level of technical knowledge: something the criminal lawyers at Freemans Solicitors are known to possess.

Youth Crime

If your child is facing proceedings for an alleged crime, support from our youth legal experts who genuinely understand this area of law and how it applies to younger people is essential. Our specialist lawyers are non-judgemental and authentic in their desire to resolve your child’s case in the best possible way and, wherever possible, avoid a conviction. You will find your dedicated child law specialist experienced in working and communicating with younger people.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have been contacted by the police to be interviewed under caution, what should I do?

    Immediately seek legal representation. Engaging a criminal defence solicitor with the particular expertise you need and who will guide you through every step could result in a marked and crucial difference in the outcome of your case.

  • Why do I need a solicitor at the police station?

    It is rare for people to be aware of their rights and how best to approach questioning. Without expert assistance, something could be said or done that negatively affects your case. For example, many people do not realise that they have the right to refuse consent to the police taking intimate samples. A specialist criminal lawyer will be able to explain the legal implications of providing such samples. They will also guide you through the interview process so that you are adequately informed in respect of making decisions about whether to answer questions and how to answer them. Criminal defence lawyers will also assist by making representations to the police on your behalf concerning bail, and have the skill to negotiate the resolution of your case via a caution where applicable.

  • My child has been arrested, what should I do?

    If your child is aged 17 or under, then they are legally entitled to have an ‘appropriate adult’ accompany them while at the police station. They are also entitled to legal representation, and as their parent, you can request this. Just give the police the name of your chosen criminal lawyer, and they will arrange for them to attend.

Freemans Solicitors: Renowned For Outstanding Results With A Personal Touch

The criminal law solicitors at Freemans are highly regarded for the strength of their bonded teamwork approach, with criminal defence litigators working closely alongside the firm’s own widely recognised advocates to deliver vital consistency of representation at every level of court. By introducing a strategy to cases at an early stage, the team has a known ability to work towards the best outcome possible for the clients its specialist criminal lawyers represent.

The firm is recognised as a leading criminal law practice. Clients can be assured not just on competency, quality, significant experience and expertise, but also by the personal nature of the team’s approach and its genuine care and interest in its clients and the outcome of their cases.

To discuss your legal case in absolute confidence, please contact our criminal defence team directly at or call us on 020 7935 3522

If you need emergency help on a criminal matter, if you have been arrested or are worried that you, or someone you know, maybe arrested, or if you require emergency police station advice, we are available 24/7 on 07973 259382.

If you are questioned by the Police or arrested, we will provide immediate advice and representation at the Police station at any time without charge.

We have a network of solicitors and lawyers who are available across London and the South East, in particular Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Kent and Surrey.

What they say about us

The ‘exceptional’ Freemans Solicitors fields litigation and advocacy teams which work together to represent clients in cases concerning serious fraud, violence and sexual offences. ‘Top quality advocate’ Michael Field, who has more than 25 years’ experience, and established the firm’s crime department, co-leads the team with ‘simply superb’ Kishoree Kotecha-Pau. Higher court advocate Peter Bedingfield is experienced in all areas of criminal law, and works with vulnerable clients such as young people and those suffering from serious mental illness. Leo Martin, who joined from Hodge Jones & Allen in April 2021, specialises in pre-charge advice, aiding clients in avoiding potential criminal prosecution. (2023 Edition of The Legal 500 – Crime, Tier 3)
The team is very cohesive and well organised with polite and helpful staff. (2023 Edition of The Legal 500)
They are the best law firm in the country. Have used them on many occasions and they are exceptionally professional, organized, clear and concise, value for money, dedicated and their staff have amazing knowledge of the law process. (2023 Edition of The Legal 500)
Freemans are an exceptional firm as their solicitors genuinely care about their clients and represent them to the highest levels. They have a very skilled and experienced team who represent their clients extremely well. (2023 Edition of The Legal 500)
The lawyers at Freemans are hardworking, they have backbone and they know their stuff. The firm provides a well rounded service where you know the solicitors have proper support from a capable and efficient back office team. (2023 Edition of The Legal 500)
Extremely strong and well – resourced team capable of litigating large scale criminal cases. (2023 Edition of The Legal 500)
The hard work they put in to achieving the best results always pays off and this is in part because they understand how to resource and manage cases properly and match the best people to the case and the client. (2023 Edition of The Legal 500)
Peter Bedingfield is an exceptional solicitor, from the outset he was very patient, explained everything in meticulous so easy to comprehend method, took my calls at inconvenient times, provided clear advise and followed through with calls and emails. I was lucky to have such a solicitor. I would also like to thank Deborah Hogg, highly attentive, clear professional guidance, some one exceptional you can truly rely upon. Let us not forget Harvey Fox, such confidence inspirer, he pursued issues with such tenacity that I felt happy to let him lead and guide. All in all, an A team. Thank you and well done.
Fantastic solicitors. They really came up trumps for me. During the trial, they really gave a lot of knowledge and support. I had a good outcome from the case and continue to work in the job I love, all thanks to them. Freemans are really good firm full of hard workers and caring solicitors, and I really would recommend them to anyone who finds themselves under arrest/due to face criminal proceedings.
Please accept my sincere appreciation for all your excellent services and highly professional support that tremendously helped to show my innocence. I am immensely grateful to everybody that contributed to this positive outcome.
I would like to express how deeply grateful we are to the Freemans solicitors team, everyone from beginning to end was extremely helpful and thorough throughout my case. They did not leave a stone un-turned. They stayed in close contact and kept me completely up to date with what's was going on without delay. I received complete support from beginning to end. I would greatly recommend Freemans solicitors to you and have done to various other people who have also received there outstanding help from a great team.
Freemans are staffed by very professional people, considerate, helpful, keep their promises, truly go the extra mile to deliver the very best service possible. Their only consideration seems to be delivering the best service to the client. Absolutely awesome. A pleasure to have known this firm. Whilst I don't know every law firm in the country, the service I received from this firm was absolutely perfect and without a flaw, I don't believe there is a firm out there that can beat this one. During a most difficult period of my life ever, Freemans looked after me like no-one else could ever do. If there is a firm that deserves the highest 5 stars then it is Freemans. In fact 5* is too little for service I received from Freemans. Solicitors.
I have yet to hear of trials that resulted in guilty verdicts. Brilliant team. On the ball. Would never recommend clients in the south east to go anywhere else. It's Freeman's all the way.
I cannot think of another firm that is so highly regarded by all those that have instructed them, feedback is literally 100% positive. Freemans should be your first port of call.
The firm is well organised and very responsive to clients' needs. It has good facilities and very supportive staff; you are made to feel very welcome.
I had a difficult case, with multiple parties involved and to add to this I was in the US West coast throughout the whole ordeal. I had the pleasure of Barrister Michael Field handling my case, who was diligent, thorough and extremely accommodating of my time zone circumstances. The preparation for the case was a breeze, with Michael taking care of all nuances and building a strong case. Luckily for me the case was dropped before the hearing with no follow up afterwards. I believe the other party did not want to proceed because of Michael's expert handling of my defense and the strength of the case he had built. I would highly recommend Freeman's Solicitors. There is no one else I will go to for legal work ever again!
This firm is absolutely excellent and they have recruited some of the best people to work for them. They are all amazing, helpful, kind, considerate, committed and extremely knowledgeable about their work.
Freemans Solicitors goes ‘well beyond what is expected in terms of client care and preparation’, and the team’s ‘steely determination obtains the best possible results’. ‘The crime team provides a "good, personalised service.
Exceptional. At a very trying time of our lives, we were recommended Freemans solicitors. We are very grateful for that recommendation - the outcome of the proceedings we were to be entangled with were beyond our best hopes and far beyond our realistic expectations. The team at Freemans were helpful, proactive and were able to put us in contact with equally formidable contacts that we needed in connected professions. Highly recommended.

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