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Legal Services For Families And Individuals In London

We offer a wide range of legal services for families and individuals in the London area from our Central London law offices, located a short walk from King’s Cross St. Pancras, Euston and Charing Cross stations. We also have an office in Watford close to Watford Junction station.

Experts In Criminal Law

Being accused of a crime and going through a criminal investigation can have a significant impact on you, your family and your career. Getting the right legal advice and support from the outset can ensure a fair outcome and help to prove your innocence or minimise any penalties you face.

Our criminal law solicitors in London can represent you from the very beginning, from providing police station representation, through the entire investigation process, including ensuring you have the best possible representation if your case goes to trial. We have extensive experience working with clients facing the most serious criminal charges, including murder and sexual offences, as well as fraud and general crime.

Out Of Hours Number (available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) – ring us in an emergency on 07973 259 382.

Trusted Driving Offences Solicitors

Driving is essential for many of us, both for our jobs and personal lives, so a driving offence, and especially one that leaves you under threat of losing your licence, can be a major problem.

Our driving offences solicitors have the expertise and experience in these matters to successfully defend you against a charge for a driving offence, helping to demonstrate your innocence if the charge is unfair or otherwise mitigate the penalties, including helping you to keep your licence wherever possible.

Regulatory Offences Solicitors 

A regulatory investigation can have a huge impact on you personally, as well as on your business. If you are facing charges for a regulatory offence, having access to experienced legal advice is essential to minimise any negative consequences.

Our regulatory offences solicitors can work with you on a wide range of issues, including fraud, tax investigations and money laundering. We can help you to avoid issues such as director disqualification and protect your reputation, mitigating the risk of a prosecution having a long-term negative impact on you and your career.

Dispute Resolution

Most people want to avoid conflict wherever possible, both personally and professionally. Where you are involved in a dispute, we can help you find a positive outcome using non-confrontational dispute resolution methods such as negotiation and family mediation. We can also assist you with Court action where this is the most appropriate option.

Our team has extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of disputes, including employment disputes, personal financial disputes, disputes regarding your children, disputes following the end of your marriage, civil partnership or relationship, inheritance disputes and professional negligence claims.

Employment Law Specialists 

Whilst employment laws are designed to protect employees, employers do not always stick to those laws. Where you believe your employer has treated you unfairly, we can help you to get a fair settlement or litigate on your behalf if necessary.

Our employment lawyers can assist you with Employment Tribunal claims arising from a wide range of issues, including unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, redundancy, discrimination, parental rights, whistle blowing and TUPE.  We can also advise in respect of Settlement Agreements, grievance and disciplinary issues and other matters arising from Contracts of Employment, including restrictive covenants and injunctions.

Family, Children And Divorce Specialist Socitors

At Freemans, we understand that issues concerning your family are of the utmost importance for you.  We also recognise that any change to your family dynamics can be challenging and highly emotional, and as such, you require effective legal advice.

Our specialist family and children solicitors in London are highly regarded in all areas of family practice. Even if your matter is complicated, or has an international element, we have the knowledge and experience to help you. We can advise you following the breakdown of your relationship whether it is a divorce or separation, resolving financial issues, or arrangements concerning your children.

We can also advise you in relation to pre and post nuptial agreements and living together/cohabitation agreements.  We are renowned for our work in cases involving complex and highly sensitive children issues including child abduction and relocation, adoption, surrogacy and all issues involving social services.


Mediation is a highly effective way of resolving disputes without the need for court action. It involves both parties meeting with a trained, neutral mediator who will guide you through discussing your issues and points of contention, then agreeing a mutually acceptable way forward that fits both parties’ interests.

Two of our family law solicitors are highly experienced in mediation, as well as other non-confrontational dispute resolution methods, such as collaborative law. This means we can potentially help you find solutions to your disputes quickly and cost-effectively with the minimum possible conflict.

UK Immigration Law

If you are moving to the UK for work, study or personal reasons, making sure you follow the right legal process is essential to ensure you are able to do so legally, giving you a secure future in the UK.

Our immigration law solicitors can help you with everything from work permit applications, study visas and family reunion, to asylum claims, entry clearance and naturalisation.

Personal Insolvency Legal Support 

If you are facing personal insolvency there is a strict legal process you need to follow to comply with the law and achieve the best result for you and your family. Having the right legal advice and support ensures that you can come through the process in the strongest possible position to start rebuilding your life.

Our Licensed Insolvency Practitioner has many years of experience handling insolvency matters for a wide range of clients. We can help you with a range of contentious and non-contentious insolvency issues, including bankruptcy, annulling bankruptcy orders, director’s disqualification proceedings and claims by creditors.

Professional Negligence And Breach of Contract Claims 

If you have been given bad advice or received substandard service from a professional that has harmed your interests, you may be able to claim compensation. This can help you offset any financial costs you have incurred and may be important for protecting your personal reputation.

Our professional negligence solicitors can help you with claims against professionals, including accountants, surveyors, financial advisers, trustees, architects, and builders.

Property Conveyancing

Buying or selling a home is often the biggest financial transaction you will ever be involved in, so getting the legal details right is crucial to protect you legally and financially. This also goes for any other type of property transaction, including buying or extending a lease, remortgaging and equity release.

Our highly experienced conveyancing solicitors in London can provide a fast, efficient service, helping to ensure your property deal goes ahead smoothly and on schedule and that your interests stay protected, both during the transaction and once the deal is done.

Property Disputes Resolution Solicitors

Where there is a dispute over a property you own or occupy, it can be highly frustrating and leave you worried about your future. If not handled correctly, these issues can be time-consuming, expensive and highly contentious to sort out.

Our property dispute resolution solicitors can help you quickly and cost-effectively resolve any conflicts over your property, avoiding the need for court action wherever possible. By focusing on negotiation and mediation, it is often possible to resolve conflict faster and at a lower cost while still ensuring your rights are protected.

Trust, Probate And Will Disputes

Disputes over an inheritance or any other aspects of a Will or trust can be highly contentious and difficult to sort out, often acting as focus for wider tensions between family members and friends of the deceased.

Our dispute resolution team can help you find a positive outcome to your disagreement while keeping conflict to a minimum. By focusing on methods such as mediation and collaborative law, we can usually find a solution without the need for court action, making it faster and less costly to resolve inheritance, Wills and trusts disputes.

Wills, Estate Planning and Probate

Around two-thirds of UK adults do not have a Will. If this applies to you, you could be storing up problems for your loved ones in the event of your death, as well as having no guarantee that your wishes for your estate will be carried out.

Our Wills, estate planning and probate solicitors can help you plan for the future, including creating or updating your Will and setting up provisions such as trusts to ensure your loved ones are taken care of.

If a loved one has passed away, we can support you through the probate process, including advising you if you have been named an Executor of their Will or helping you get control of their estate if they have died without leaving a Will.

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