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He clearly knows what he is doing – that he does it with the right blend of professionalism and compassion is what makes him a solicitor of worth, and as far as I am concerned, I would recommend him in a heartbeat…If only my gratitude could match his efforts, he’d collapse under the weight of my thanks.
First class representation in every way. I was really well taken care of by my legal representative. I’m sure he had many other cases on his plate but I often felt as if I was his sole priority. He explained every part of the process to me coherently and his advice was always the best, even in hindsight. Highly recommend.
Very professional and skilled solicitor, who helped me immensely in dealing with my case. Thank you so much Mr. Martin.
A solicitor … of great worth. Leo Martin dealt with my case with thoughtful, considered legal practice as well as being very fair, helpful and respectful (without ever being patronising, something that even people who work directly with vulnerable adults daily often fail to do). He went out of his way to help me and support me throughout the legal process which was completely new to me at a distressing time. He was easy to talk to, patient, and made me feel that his advice came from genuine concern for my issues and pride in conducting his work to a high standard. Like many others who have engaged his services, I am extremely grateful to Leo and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking expert legal advice.
Leo was a fantastic asset on my case, providing constant updates throughout the process made me feel clear and reassured. I came to Leo after being recommended by a family friend. He instantly made me feel that I was in good hands. Leo worked tremendously hard at fighting my case whilst clearly setting out all options and possibilities along the way. I had an excellent result with Leo who managed to drastically change my circumstances from a potential criminal record to a low level fine.
…a true gentleman, who seemed genuinely concerned for me when circumstances left me feeling more than a little fragile and I will forever be grateful to him for that.

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