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Helen Newnham, the best solicitor in the country. She puts Freemans solicitors firm on the map. Helen prepared my case meticulously from the start to a three month trial at the Old Bailey, which concluded with an acquittal. Helen has the ability to look at the evidence from every angle which was key in preparing for a trial with complex evidence (thousands of pages of phone and cell site evidence). If you have a conspiracy allegation with lots of phone evidence Helen is the solicitor you need. I faced a very serious allegation as a senior solicitor myself I needed a solicitor I could trust would be outstanding. Helen is down to earth, does not judge and I would highly recommend. Freedom is priceless so you need the elite. Helen is experienced in preparing for trials and this shows in the way she prepared my case. Helen was great at contacting and liaising with my witness which is essential in preparing for trial. Most people want to avoid court and Helen was approachable

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