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Mr Osibona, Thanks so much for this sir. I am really grateful. You are one of the people I have came across in the journey of my life that have had a good positive impact in my life. You have always responded to all my problems even the one that doesn’t concern you, my wife will call you and you will give her attention. You took me like a brother and you always do your best to ease the pressure on me. (2024 Legal500)
My heartfelt gratitude goes to Freemans Solicitors and Mr. Oluwole Osibona for the very professional and responsive service rendered to me. Mr. Osibona was particularly available to guide me through the process and respond to my enquiries timeously. His knowledge of the field made the application process almost seamless. With his help, I was able to achieve the desired . (2024 Legal500)
A big thank you to Mr Oluwole Osibona and Freemans solicitors. Mr Oluwole Osibona is the best immigration solicitor I ever came across. He saw the long-standing journey of my immigration to a glorious destination. His professionalism is second to none, his integrity has no match, confidence is unquantifiable and his level of reliability and attention to details is immeasurable. When you hand over your case to him, you can go and sleep while he works on your case with the appropriate armour. He is well experienced. I will undoubtedly and strongly recommend Mr Oluwole Osibona of Freemans solicitors anytime. (2024 Legal500)
Team led by a veteran of the circuit, partner in firm and head of immigration, Oluwole Osibona. A steady, calm and extremely knowledgeable individual whose leadership ensures consistently assured service to the firms immigration clients. Oluwole is a great communicator, managing client expectations well and provides excellent instructions and background research too. (2023 Edition of The Legal 500)
Mr. Osibona is a highly skilled and educated immigration lawyer who supplied me with excellent service. He is a true professional who will go above and beyond for his clients. He took on my hopeless case and brought it to a successful conclusion. Justice has only been served as a result of his professional expertise. I will be eternally thankful. (2023 Edition of The Legal 500)
The team at Freemans has the ability to work with others across the legal profession and the courts. From taking on clients, to liaising with counsel’s clerks, to instructing counsel, and speaking to the listings office at court prior to listing, the team is able to communicate effectively with people at every level within the legal profession and legal system. I have always found Mr Oluwole Osibona to have an uncanny ability to put his clients at ease, whilst maintaining professional integrity and quality service. (2023 Edition of The Legal 500)

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