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Can we just all take a moment to appreciate Harvey Fox and how much time he takes out of his day to help all of us. I honestly have received more support and advice from him than any other medium and he deserves to be recognised for it.
I'm loathed to say this because I'd like to keep him all to myself but I do think it's necessary because not enough people seem to realise it. If you are in Harvey Fox's geographical location and you are falsely accused (from my dealings with him I'm guessing he'll see through you in 2 seconds if you're not) then you need to be using him and his firm. I initially contacted a law firm that came top on Google in my area and they were thoroughly useless. I then contacted Harvey and no matter what happens it was the best decision of my life. Professionally I pride myself on going above and beyond for my clients and to have found someone that does the same in the legal field is nothing short of miraculous. If you are genuinely FA'd then don't hesitate for one single second, just pick up the phone and instruct him. If that means selling a kidney then do it because you will not get better legal representation anywhere on the planet. This all sounds like an advertising piece but it's really not, I've experienced the rubbish and this man is bloody's clearly not a job for him because he is absolutely dedicated to what he does. Good luck to everyone that deserves it.
My A team also included Harvey Fox, the man who never sleeps, tenacious fighter for my case.
Harvey Fox kept following up with the police on an update every month, and also helped answer my questions.
Harvey Fox is such a confidence inspirer. He pursued issues with such tenacity that I felt happy to let him lead and guide.
Harvey Fox provided clear and considerate advice on pre-charge representation. Was super impressed by the way he made time for my questions and really appreciate the suggestions made. Clearly this law firm cares about more than just the money. Would highly recommend.

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