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This firm is a credit to legal representation. I used them quite recently, Harvey Fox and the Solicitor who represented me are symbols of what is expected at such times. The firm is very reliable and great value for money. Will recommend them any time to anyone, Well done.
I cannot recommend the services of Lawyer Deborah Hogg and Police Station representative Harvey Fox enough!! Their level of skill is unparalleled. I could not have asked for a more understanding, patient and remarkably supportive pair. They guided my family through a very difficult time indeed. An absolute tower of strength they answered my questions and got us the best outcome that we had only dared to dream of! Thank you Deborah and Harvey! The service we were provided with was second to none! I cannot thank them enough! Both masters at their craft! I will forever be in your debt.
Harvey - you are the best, efficient, responsive, supportive and the list goes on......I have received very professional and supportive services from Freemans in particularly from Harvey Fox. This firm is the best, Harvey has been chasing my case with police on regular basis on his own initiative. Very efficient and responsive. I would without a doubt refer Harvey Fox and Freemans.
Very best service. Harvey Fox was amazing. He took time for questions from me regarding situations he explained things in great detail was always answering or responding to miss calls within that day. I really recommend this company just for my personal experience.
…a special mention to Harvey Fox, who has provided support to many of the men who look for advice on the Facebook forum for men who are falsely accused of serious sexual offences.
Let me thank you for taking significant time yesterday and today to advise me on the Interview process and my evidence along with all the documentation we collated together. Working with you and Karol has been a learning experience and I come away from today with enhanced (practical) knowledge to avoid a similar incident. Thank you for all your help and support.

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