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Thank you once again Deborah Hogg and team. I would just like to extend my gratitude and thanks once again to Deborah Hogg and Harvey Fox for supporting my son (who is on the autistic spectrum) through another case. He was accused of communicating with a person under 18, he had been visiting dating websites meant for adults and without realising had been talking to a child. He told us that he assumed this person was over 18. He was advised by Deborah to do a ‘no comment’ interview. She went to a great deal of extraordinary effort to prepare him for interview. Through meticulous work, she was able to support my son through the investigation. This resulted in the police taking no further action. I firmly believe that had my son have answered the police questions he may have ended up in prison. Her dealings with my son have been exceptional and it’s clear that Deborah and indeed Harvey have a wealth of experience in dealing with clients with autism and additional needs. Thank you. Highly recommended.
I cannot recommend the services of Lawyer Deborah Hogg and Police Station representative Harvey Fox enough!! Their level of skill is unparalleled. I could not have asked for a more understanding, patient and remarkably supportive pair. They guided my family through a very difficult time indeed. An absolute tower of strength they answered my questions and got us the best outcome that we had only dared to dream of! Thank you Deborah and Harvey! The service we were provided with was second to none! I cannot thank them enough! Both masters at their craft! I will forever be in your debt.
Solicitor was superb, thanks very much
Thank you Miss Hogg at Freemans.
Miss Hogg represented me in difficult times. Miss Hogg was courteous and patient whilst with me in the Police station under interview. Professional in every aspect and understanding.
I have received very professional and supportive services from Freemans in particularly from Deborah Hogg.

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