Harvey Fox

Police Station Advice Coordinator

Harvey co-ordinates our 24 hour Police Station advice service and has personally attended Police Stations to advise Clients in interview for over 20 years.

Harvey has a vast experience of advising Clients in the most grave and complex cases including  frequent  murder  investigations  several  of  which  have  been  very  high profile.  He  has  also  acted  in  numerous  cases  of  the  most  serious  allegations concerning  sexual offences,  armed robbery, drug trafficking  and fraud. He is well known for his tenacity and for the fact that he always represents his Client’s best interests. Harvey strongly believes that successful Police Station Representation is very much a case of persuasion of the Police to make decisions in his Client’s interest. His experience means he is very familiar with Police tactics and how to respond to them.

He acts for Clients under Legal Aid, private funding and Trade Union instruction. Harvey also represents Clients in investigations conducted by a wide range of non- Police  agencies  including  The  Benefits  Agency,  Local  Authorities  and  National Health  Service  bodies.  He  has  extensive  experience  of  representing  Clients  with mental  health  issues  and  learning  disabilities  and  is  recommended  by  the  drugs’ advice charity, “Release” to people arrested for the possession or supply of drugs.

What they say about Harvey

What police station representative Harvey Fox doesn't know can be written on a postage stamp.
Harvey, who also works for them is amazing as well. He answers all my questions without making me feel like an idiot. If he doesn't know it. It is not worth knowing.
I am very grateful for the outstanding advice and support Mr.Fox gave me. His professionalism and kindness was brilliant and far exceeded what I would have expected. I was very stressed during the difficult time and Mr Fox gave excellent legal support and advice even on one occasion late at night. He always responded to calls and emails swiftly and without fail.

If you need help with an interview, whether by the police or another investigating agency,
please call our emergency number, our line is open 24 hours a day.

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