Max Anwar

Consultant Solicitor

Max is a criminal defence solicitor with over 30 years’ experience of defending clients.

Having qualified as a solicitor in 1988, he became an equity partner in a firm in the city in 1993 and was the supervisor for serious fraud/complex cases.

Since 2006, Max has worked as a consultant solicitor. He represents clients predominantly on a private basis throughout England dealing with cases ranging from public order offences to rape. Max frequently represents at police stations who are accused of sexual offences. A significant number of his clients are professionals whose careers, reputation, family life and financial security would be destroyed if they were convicted of any offence and they are therefore prepared to pay for advice/representation to secure the best possible outcome. A very high proportion of the matters he deals with at police station end with the police taking no further action against the client.

Max only deals with the most serious allegations under legal aid. He has vast experience of dealing with murder cases, particularly cases involving young people having dealt with over 20 cases of murder in the last 15 years and at least 50 in his career to date.


  • A research scientist at the University of Cambridge accused of rape by former girlfriend. Extensive consideration of large number of text messages/emails exchanged by the client with the complainant some of which were exhibited to a prepared statement submitted in the interview on behalf of the client (Officer advised she could have access to all the texts/emails if necessary). Less than 24 hours later the police confirmed they would not be taking any further action.
  • Former Chief Constable of West Yorkshire police accused of domestic assault on his wife. I attended police station in Nottingham. Lengthy prepared statement submitted in interview. Police take no further action against client.
  • Former police inspector arrested for ABH. Following representations to custody officer as to necessity for arrest client de-arrested and following voluntary police take no further action.
  • 14 year old school boy accused of distributing indecent images to his friends on WhatsApp. Client accepted he had sent the images to others. The photos were of a 13 year old girl from the same school. Officer initially not sympathetic as client was rude to her and teachers when confronted with the allegation at school. Client advised about affect the offence would have had on the victim. Client had a sister the same age and realised how upsetting it must be for the victim. Given strength of evidence client advised to admit the offence in interview offence and to show genuine remorse. Representations made to the office about disposal. Police eventually agree to take no further action.
  • BBC reporter accused of assault on a family member following a verbal argument. Brief statement submitted on client’s behalf explaining any contact was accidental and not intentional or reckless. Police take no further action against client.
  • Investment banker accused of assaulting his partner by slapping him. Prepared statement submitted. Police take no further action.
  • Banker accused of assaulting his daughter by slapping her. Part of the incident was captured on mobile video footage by client’s other daughter and appeared to show intense argument between father and daughter but not the actual alleged assault. In prepared statement raised self-defence issue. Police take no further action.
  • Sister in law and niece of above client arrested whilst on holiday in London from Australia, for assaulting the above client’s ex-wife by punching her and hitting her with a mobile phone. I represented both clients. Police take no further action against both clients.
  • Teacher accused of child abduction of her own child. She had taken the child out of the jurisdiction without the former husband’s written consent or court permission. She admitted in the family proceedings when giving evidence that she had done so. Police interviewed her for the offence. Prepared statement submitted in the interview outlining her reasons for doing so and representations made to the officer as to whether it would be in the public interest to prosecute her. Fortunately, a very sympathetic officer also agreed that it wasn’t and CPS eventually advised no further action. If client had been charged then she did not have a defence and would have had to plead guilty and she would then have lost her job in all probability.
  • Son of a restaurant owner who worked as a waiter at the family restaurant accused of raping a guest who was attending a birthday party at the restaurant. It was alleged that due to the complainant having consumed large amount of alcohol she was not capable of giving consent and that the client was aware of that having served her all evening. The alleged rape occurred in the client’s car parked nearby. The complainant walked into the restaurant semi-naked following the alleged incident and the police were called. Very lengthy prepared statement submitted in the interview. Police eventually take no further action.
  • Horse racing trainer accused of sexually assaulting his employee. The employee alleged that he was sexually assaulted whilst asleep having consumed large amount of alcohol with the client. Police eventually take no further action


R v G – Snaresbrook Crown Court. Client arrested in October 2019 for possession of indecent images. On advice client gave a detailed explanation denying the offences. Client charged in August 2022. The police had not investigated any of the matters he had raised in the interview. Following failure to comply with directions of court at PTPH crown offer no evidence in relation to all charges.

R v B – St Albans Crown Court. Client one of two accused of robbery and murder. Client accepted that he was guilty of robbery but denied murder. Submission of no case to answer upheld. Co-Defendant convicted of manslaughter.

R v D – Central Criminal Court. Client one of eight charged with double murder. Extensive CCTV and telephone evidence. Client accepted presence at scene of stabbings but denied knowledge of planned attack or involvement. Following 8 weeks trial client and one co-defendant found not guilty.

R v P – Basildon Crown Court. Client accused of historic sexual offences against his former partner and stepdaughter. Client found not guilty of all charges.

R v O-Snaresbrook Crown Court. Client accused of sexual assaults on his stepdaughter. Client found not guilty.

R v C – Central Criminal Court. Client and his brother jointly charged with murder. They got into an argument with the deceased and the deceased’s brother as they passed each other in the street. The deceased ran into a restaurant and came out with a knife which the client managed to get off him during the fight and then stabbed the deceased whilst the other 2 males were also fighting. Client found not guilty.

R v K – Bradford Crown Court. Client was already serving a 16 year prison sentence when he and thirty other defendants went on trial in groups of ten for historical sexual offences against three complainants aged between 13-15. Client found guilty of four counts out of eight.

R v O – Central Criminal Court. Client one of two accused of murder. Client and co-defendant were seen on CCTV footage in verbal altercation with a group of seven to eight boys some of whom were armed with knives. Client and co-defendant then captured on CCTV chasing the deceased and one other whilst holding knives. As client and co-defendant catch up deceased and his friend they both turn around and take knives out and start fighting. Client stabs deceased. Client found not guilty.

R v U – Central Criminal Court. Client, his mother and three others charged with murder. Client’s mother drove the 4 males including her son to the scene of the murder where the 4 males chased two men, one of whom was stabbed to death. Client found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter. Client’s mother convicted of murder as were the others.

R v M – Southwark Crown Court. Client and three others charged with conspiracy to defraud Citibank out of £300million. Following 3-month trial jury unable to reach verdict. Re-trial also lasted 3 months. Hung jury again. Crown offered no evidence.

R v M – Woolwich Crown Court. IT worker accused of sexual assault by a female on a train late at night. She alleged he kissed her on mouth repeatedly and touched her under her bra. Incident partially captured on CCTV from train and partially seen by another passenger. Guilty plea on basis agreed with CPS lawyer to the effect that kissing on mouth was for split second and touching on breast was over clothing. CPS counsel at court refused to accept basis but at defence request that he speak to CPS/officer in case, basis of plea accepted and client given suspended prison sentence and community order.

R v B – Snaresbrook Crown Court. Client had met complainant on the street and had gone to her huse where they had drinks. Complainant alleged that she was sexually assaulted whilst asleep and woke up naked. Client found not guilty.

R v S – Central Criminal Court. Client and 3 others charged with murder. Client also charged with the rape of the deceased’s girlfriend after the murder. The alleged rape was recorded by one of the co-defendants. Client found not guilty of all charges following a four week trial.

R v M – Cental Criminal Case. Female client charged with two males of the murder of a female. Client found guilty of manslaughter.

R v R – Central Criminal Court. Client and two males accused of murder. Client was the only female in the house where the alleged offence took place. A neighbour alleged that she heard the client say ‘kneecap him.’ Client found not guilty of murder. Both co-defendants found guilty.

What they say about Max

I do not believe that I have ever come across a more impressively handled set of interviews by any solicitor in any case. Thank God you were there.” - Ms. Sarah Forshaw KC (Client found not guilty of murder) .
Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help. Both myself and my wife are in tears of joy. I can now start rebuilding my life and I owe it all to you. You will never know what this news means to me and my family. I am forever indebted to you. ‘
We are grateful for all the help and support from you and the advice that you gave us in the matter as we had never been in such a situation previously we were totally and utterly lost as to how to face the situation. Your calm and positive manner of talking us through pre and post interview and going out of your way to visit the site specifically on a Sunday is in itself a portrayal of your caring and kind nature. We really appreciate your help and thank you for the outcome.

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