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Vanessa is an experienced lawyer who is very dedicated to providing her clients with a high level of client care. She is known for her thoroughness and attention to detail, which has helped achieve excellent results for clients both at trial and before. She has dealt with a number of cases, which have resolved in her client’s favour, due to the lack of disclosure or successful legal arguments.

She was called to the Bar in 2008.  Vanessa has a Master’s degree in Criminal law from UCL, where she researched the controversial ongoing issue of ‘stop and search.’ She also examined honour crimes and killings within the UK.  Vanessa had worked for a number of firms including a top-tier firm both as a Solicitor and as a Barrister.

Prior to starting work with us, Vanessa’s practice included acting both as a litigator and as an advocate in a wide array of offences. These included murder;  a full range of other crimes of violence, sexual offences, including allegations of rape, sexual assault, and historical matters, and fraud cases ranging from fraud by false representation all the way up to boiler room frauds and Insider Dealing cases. These involved working with the Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Conduct Authority and the National Crime Agency.

Vanessa can assiduously litigate a case throughout or work from the inception of a case as an advocate, when she can closely work with other lawyer(s) preparing the case. She can identify tactical issues and develop a strategy from an early stage. Vanessa has also been Junior Counsel on a number of murder cases. She works very closely with Queens Counsel and the litigator in the case and assists on a contemporaneous basis.

Outside of the office and court, Vanessa is a keen baker.

Her cases have included:-

R v A and ors – – Southwark Crown Court – The defendant had worked for the Ministry of Justice and had been charged with several counts of perverting the course of justice. Vanessa took the case on two weeks before trial and was able to identify disclosure issues, which resulted in legal arguments being made on the first day of trial, and the crown offering no evidence.

R v B – Isleworth Crown Court – Vanessa acted for a defendant charged with a burglary where his fingerprints had been found on an item removed from the venue. Vanessa cross-examined the officer in the case and identified flaws in the investigation regarding the prints. The jury acquitted this defendant within twenty minutes.

R v T – Ipswich Crown Court – This client who was serving an indeterminate sentence, had taken six prison officers hostage for a number of hours using a makeshift weapon. Vanessa asked for psychiatric reports on the defendant to be obtained. He was diagnosed with a mixed personality disorder and following Vanessa’s strong mitigation he received a 16-month custodial sentence.

R v H – Cambridge Crown Court – This defendant was charged with the rape of a woman whom he had taken home after a meeting in a nightclub. Vanessa acted as a litigator in this case and ran the defence of sexomnia. She was able to locate an expert in this field, coupled with witness statements from previous girlfriends of the defendant, which assisted in the defence case. The defendant was found not guilty.

R v Y – St Albans Crown Court – Vanessa acted as Litigator in this case where the defendant faced historic allegations of sexual assault against his former stepdaughters. Vanessa obtained witness statements from several family members which involved travelling to France. These witnesses provided their evidence through a video link in France directly to the court in the UK. All of this assisted the defence case and resulted in the Defendant being acquitted of all charges.

R v M – Blackfriars Crown Court – Vanessa acted as counsel for this defendant who was charged with Sexual Assault. Vanessa managed to negotiate with the Crown regarding the charge, and the Defendant pleaded guilty to common assault on a reckless basis and received a 12-month Conditional Discharge.

R v B – Harrow Crown Court – This defendant faced trial on possession of a bladed article in a public place. The defendant was a homeless man who used the knife to cut his food. The jury acquitted the defendant within ten minutes.

R v J – [2018] EWCA 834 (Crim) – Central Criminal Court – and Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) – Vanessa acted as Junior Counsel in this case where the Defendant faced trial for his third murder offence. The Defendant had been convicted of Manslaughter and Murder in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Vanessa prepared schedules and bundles of psychiatric notes which spanned over thirty years. She also assisted Leading Counsel at the Court of Appeal regarding the defendant’s sentence.

R v W-M – Kingston-Upon-Thames Crown Court – Vanessa acted as Junior Counsel in this 3-week murder trial. This case was unusual in that the Crown and Defence both had experts agreeing the defendant had paranoid schizophrenia and fell within the realm of Diminished responsibility; however, the defendant maintained he was acting in self-defence. The jury found him guilty of Manslaughter by reason of Diminished Responsibility.

What they say about Vanessa

She has excellent client care skills, endless patience and is very committed to her clients and their cases. She has sensitivity and explains all aspects of the proceedings with great care and clarity. She is conversant with the law and appears to enjoy the technical/legal implications/complications in the various stages of trial (and all other) proceedings. She is very reliable, industrious and keen to be involved at all levels and stages. ………..intelligent, thoughtful, helpful and practical in all the tasks she performed. She is a very competent advocate, prepares carefully and is not afraid to tackle difficult issues directly and honestly commanding respect. She is a gem
I got introduced to Vanessa who handled my case very well and sensitively.
You went above, and beyond the call in assisting me, especially in the long hours you spent to get the best possible settlement. I appreciate the attention, understanding and care you provided to this matter… It means a lot to me to have had you on my case and fight my case and most of all, thank you for believing in my innocence

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