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You went above, and beyond the call in assisting me, especially in the long hours you spent to get the best possible settlement. I appreciate the attention, understanding and care you provided to this matter… It means a lot to me to have had you on my case and fight my case and most of all, thank you for believing in my innocence
I got introduced to Vanessa who handled my case very well and sensitively.
She has excellent client care skills, endless patience and is very committed to her clients and their cases. She has sensitivity and explains all aspects of the proceedings with great care and clarity. She is conversant with the law and appears to enjoy the technical/legal implications/complications in the various stages of trial (and all other) proceedings. She is very reliable, industrious and keen to be involved at all levels and stages. ………..intelligent, thoughtful, helpful and practical in all the tasks she performed. She is a very competent advocate, prepares carefully and is not afraid to tackle difficult issues directly and honestly commanding respect. She is a gem

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