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I cannot express enough, how grateful I am, that at such short notice you attended Court and represented Luke. We were preparing ourselves for a criminal prosecution and a heavy fine! Your professionalism and experience undoubtedly achieved a far more favourable outcome. I have emailed Ms Pau and expressed our feelings accordingly. Please be assured that if I ever require the services of your legal speciality I would not hesitate to use or recommend you.
I won’t use anyone else, if I ever have any problem you are the first person I call.
This has been a weight on my shoulders for months, my life was on hold but thanks to you I have got my life back, thank you for all your hard work.
Thank you for everything you did for our son during these difficult times. You helped him so much with your advice and support.
He made what was happening clear throughout the case and helped me understand. He gave me advice about what to expect in court and what would I should do.
You got me through the worst time of my life. In your closing speech you explained exactly what had happened and how things were at that time. I couldn’t explain myself because I was so nervous, but you set it all out.

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