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I am extremely appreciative and grateful for the professionalism, support and precised legal work executed by Mr Osibona of Freeman Solicitors. We were highly impressed and delighted with the service obtained from Freeman Solicitors, in particular Mr Osibona, at the efficiency and smoothness of the whole process!
Outstanding service. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Mr Osibona of Freemans solicitors, I can't thank you enough for your assistance and professional performance dealing with my case. You made it happen and you did it effortlessly. Thank you so much Mr Osibona for reassuring me when i almost lost all hope. You are by far the best solicitor I have ever met.
Thank you so much for all your hard work in my case and your support, I am very grateful to you
Thank you for your attention you have given to my case, which without your attention would not have found a favourable outcome. I would like to express to you my warmest thanks and my loyalty to your firm.
Thank you so much for your good work.
Meg Omolayole Is the best Immigration adviser one could ask for, she has a very extensive UK Immigration Law knowledge, well efficient in her processes and gives a very practical approach, she helped my family and I within less than a week after my partner was taken into a detention centre , she was able to explain complex law clearly to our understanding , and guided us through the process , giving us every detail we ought to do to ensure a successful Bail Hearing.

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