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Freemans Solicitors were very pleased to co-sponsor the University of Leicester’s Women of Influence event on 4 May.

We have strong links with the University of Leicester thanks to alumni Kishoree Kotecha-Pau. Kishoree attended the event along with Deborah Hogg and Louise Taft.

The theme of this year’s event was “The Art of Giving Back”: how women can use their influence to help others, whether that be in their careers, through volunteering or philanthropy.

We heard from the WE Charity, an organisation combining empowerment of young people’s activism and volunteering with international development work. It was wonderful to hear about young people becoming engaged and active in their communities, working on causes that matter to them.

The keynote speech was from Baroness Amos, former International Development Secretary and UN Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs. She had many stories to tell about her work in international development, and how women are often at the forefront when dealing with crises. The theme of her speech was that “giving back” takes many forms. She spoke about the power of female role models, the huge numbers of women who volunteer, and provided some interesting statistics supporting a claim that women give more of their income to charity.

We left the event feeling inspired to continue to use our influence for good. We hope others did too.



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