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Stephen Sasto is a brilliant lawyer and a significant help for us in the purchase of our home. It was our first time buying, and he explained the process clearly and made sure we didn't fall into any traps along the way. He helped us realise (and abort) the purchase of a potential house that was going to be a future legal nightmare, and worked diligently to secure the purchase of a house (that we now own and love). During the process, he was very responsive to us, and a strong negotiator on our behalf - ensuring that we received the terms and move-in date that we were looking for. Would highly recommend Stephen (and already have done so!) to anyone buying a home and looking for an experienced and diligent legal partner.
Michael Field helped me out a lot and was able to get my case thrown out. Saved my career!!
We were really, really impressed and grateful to Michael, who did (in our lay-people's opinion) a really, really fantastic job in outlining the mitigation. He was excellent.
I finally have my freedom back Michael and for that i am at most thankful to you and your team who supported me and my son through this very difficult time. I honestly thought that you handled the case extremely well and was at times amazed and completely taken back just how you unfolded and dealt with each scenario. It was to say the least one hell of an experience but having you on my side made all the difference.
During a most difficult period of my life ever, Barrister Michael Field and Freemans looked after me like no-one else could ever do. You have to see Barrister Michael Field at work to really appreciate him. it was an absolute pleasure to see a true master of his trade at work. Calm logical approach, thoroughly reasoned delivery, an incredible ability to sift through huge amounts of information and extract only what is important and discard what is not important . A most likeable and honest individual. Three different judges independently commended him explicitly for outstanding work during the trials and pre-trial. A kind man, totally trustworthy. An amazing knowledge of the subtle technicalities of law, a gentleman. He tolerated my stressed behaviour and helped me when I was crumbling. Just talking to him between sessions calmed me down as he made you feel you were in the presence of a most knowledgeable man and he was not going to let you down whilst being completely honest of the situation as it existed. He kept all his promises, an incredible professional approach. He has an aura of respectability and when he speaks your attention is fully focused on every reasoned sentence he utters. A truly incredible Barrister. Freemans is in a league of its own at the very top of every tree and no firm compares to them in my opinion. Freemans have Michael Field and other firms don't. Because of Michael, Freemans is the very best. Me and my family would like to thank Michael Field for the help he gave us in our times of absolute crisis and disaster and how he saved me and my family. We are forever indebted. Thank you Mr Field.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness, it really made our day. Your kind consideration means much more than words can say.

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