Peter Bedingfield

Partner / Solicitor Advocate

Peter Bedingfield is very experienced in both the presentation and preparation of criminal cases. He has been in legal practice for 20 years and been a higher courts advocate since 2010. His extensive experience in all matters of criminal law includes handling cases of murder, attempted murder, serious assaults, kidnap, drug supply, possession of firearms, serious sexual assaults and fraud.

He has represented young people, clients who suffer from serious mental disorders and other vulnerable clients. He has litigated lengthy historic sexual abuse cases and drug importation cases, involving persons with a significant public profile.

His crown court advocacy has included conducting trials concerning murder and serious violence, violent disorder, fraud and conspiracy to assist illegal entry to the UK, drug supply, fraud, dangerous driving, possession of firearms and armed robbery.

The following represents a selection of cases Peter has been instructed in:

R v S Conspiracy to facilitate a breach of immigration law by bringing non-EU nationals through EU countries using false asylum claims. He represented the only defendant to be found not guilty in the trial involving seven defendants. **
R v Y Murder trial involving multiple parties, his client was acquitted after a lengthy trial involving extensive CCTV coverage and cell site evidence concerning a targeted killing following a dispute between rival drugs gangs. *
R v O Murder and violent disorder involving a large-scale public disorder in a shopping centre involving rival gangs. His client was acquitted after two trials lasting nearly six months in total. **
R v F Multi-handed fraud case involving employees of a company, his client was acquitted despite declining to give evidence and having made what appeared to be admissions when interviewed by the police.
R v K Multi-handed case involving the serious assault of a taxi driver. He successfully argued that there was no case to answer at the conclusion of the prosecution case leading to acquittal.
R v M Series of armed robberies on shops using imitation firearms and dummy explosive devices by a person already convicted of similar offences for which he was under a life licence.
R v A Multi-handed possession of firearms case, concerning several persons involved in a drive-by shooting.
R v K Multi-handed murder trial, involving extensive expert evidence relating to cell site analysis. *
R v N Multi-handed boiler room fraud involving the sale of carbon credits and diamonds. **
R v A Joint enterprise armed robbery, his client was acquitted of possession of a firearm and a knife.
R v M Lengthy fraud case involving payday loans and credit card fraud using multiple identities.

*Led by Queens Counsel ** Led Junior

What they say about Peter

Peter Beddingfield at Freemans has been not only professional but also calming and supportive in relation to allegations made and then in helping getting someone to desist from contact. Above all he has been customer focused and responsive on all occasions and I would recommend his services to anyone.
He made what was happening clear throughout the case and helped me understand. He gave me advice about what to expect in court and what would I should do.
You got me through the worst time of my life. In your closing speech you explained exactly what had happened and how things were at that time. I couldn’t explain myself because I was so nervous, but you set it all out.

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