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Sorting out financial arrangements on divorce and separation can be overwhelming. There are so many life-changing decisions that will need to be made, including:-

  • Where will we live?
  • What will happen to our family home?
  • How will we be able to afford our outgoings?
  • What do we do about our debts and pensions?

The goal of financial mediation is to help couples reach a fair resolution of these and other decisions. A professionally trained mediator will help you to explore all the options to find the one that is best suited to your circumstances going forward.

Family mediation is a process whereby an independent, professionally trained mediator helps you to resolve your future financial arrangements, enabling you to avoid the stress, delay, and costs of a courtroom confrontation.

For more information about the benefits of Family Mediation contact Rebekah Gershuny (at or Mark Kosmin (at or by phone to 020 7935 3522.


During Family Mediation Week there will be a range of free webinars available for the public.



Whatever your personal circumstances the above is only a guide and we would advise you to contact us to obtain definitive advice as you will appreciate that each person’s circumstances are unique to them.




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